Do you know the latest Offshore Development Trends?

August 10, 2020
Do you know the latest Offshore Development Trends?

Offshore Development Trends are the reality, and several emerging off it with this style gaining popularity worldwide. Users do not want to settle for something less in quality because the conditions are not conventional while dealing with Offshore Developers. That is why; things are taking more professional garb with the introduction of more accurate measures adopted in the working process. Some of the advanced Offshore Development Trends procedures are:

Increase in the Use of Collaborative Tools

The main purpose of the introduction of collaborative tools was to help individuals provide support to each other in the accomplishment of a common objective. With the overall increase in the field of offshore development, the utilization of collaborative tools has witnessed a rapid increase as it serves to be an effective bridge between onshore & offshore business teams.

Some of the innovative collaborative tools to help you out with your business include:

  • Trello: It is a leading collaborative project management & storage tool. The tool has an interactive user interface while helping the team members collaborate on the respective to-do lists, organization of attachments, and conversations.
  • JIRA: It is a famous software solution for the respective offshore teams working on a software development project. The tool is known to help the respective team members modify as well as customize dashboards, track errors, and check the overall status of the projects.
  • Zoom/Google Meet: the modern status of pandemic, high-end collaborative tools like Zoom or Google Meet have become quite famous. These tools enable effective collaboration by involving teams in interactive video sessions to discuss various aspects of a project.

Emphasis on quality over the cost

Cost is one of the prime reasons why people chose to try and adopted offshore development. With more experiences generated from offshore development-focused relationships, the companies have made it a point to keep the cost and quality at the same level of importance. The price is a concern, but crappy work does more harm than good; this is the learning of the offshore development users that bases the hiring process now and would stay in practice for the coming times.

Safe clouds

Public clouds face the threat of data secrecy breaches. The companies cannot deny the convenience of scalability and flexibility that the clouds offer. Thus, the need is to get the experts on board that can guarantee safer cloud-based resources. Therefore, hiring online data center services that pledge robust and reliable infrastructure will be on the radar of offshore development adopters.

Output-driven contract models

Till now, the companies were only worried about the outcomes of any project; they could not visualize the impact the quantity aspect had. With better learning developed over the period, now the contracts are keeping value-driven outcomes as clauses. These contracts will enable deeper involvement of the service providers or developers in the projects, and they will be part of the processes continually. The money will become secondary; more focus will be laid on the risks and responsibilities that vendors would need to carry.

Progressive apps and mobile apps – the new game-changers

What started just as a PHP development, or WordPress development, will be having more expansive coverage in the following times. The companies are switching to offshore construction for web applications, iPhone applications, and progressive web applications; to quote a few new offerings. The concept of progressive web-apps adopted by marketplaces will be finding takers in sectors like healthcare services, banking, and finance too.

Above mentioned are some of the upcoming trends in offshore development that are going to define how the companies will leverage their strengths for their product enhancement strategies.


Above mentioned are some of the upcoming Offshore Development Trends that are going to define how the companies will leverage their strengths for their product enhancement strategies.

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