How Shoulds I Find the Right Outsourcing Partner in India?

September 22, 2020
How Shoulds I Find the Right Outsourcing Partner in India?

For today's dynamic market, outsourcing is a boon and a blessing in disguise for every business. And since businesses today are dependent and look forward to expanding their business through outsourcing, it is crucial to choose the right outsourcing partner from India who can aid in the yielding of the best possible dividends. And even then, choosing the right outsourcing partner is the most daunting task that most organizations and companies face today.

When a company chooses an outsourcing partner, defining the final results and the expectations of the company from the offshore partner goes a long way and aids in choosing the right outsourcing partner in India. Ask the following questions before finalizing on a particular offshore partner while shortlisting.

  • The outsourcing partner that you are choosing, does it have the requisite experience in handling the services that your company is outsourcing.
  • Is the selected outsourcing partner capable enough to deliver quality services to other companies like yours?
  • Is the selected outsourcing company using the best infrastructure, technology, and software?
  • Whether the selected outsourcing partner have experienced, qualified and trained professional working for them to handle the projects of your company efficiently?

And, these are a few basic questions that will help in making the selection procedure hassle-free and seamless.

Choosing the Right Outsourcing Partner in India

Ensure that experience and expertise is the benchmark for the hiring process

Once you have shortlisted the outsourcing companies that define the final results and your expectations reach out to the outsourcing companies and analyse them on the following factors:

  • Their passion for the projects that you have
  • Their overall skillet
  • Their experience in meeting up with last-minute deadlines and solving complex challenges under stressful situations
  • Their level of technical expertise

For the success of any outsourcing deal, it is essential to thoroughly look into the technical expertise of the outsourcing company. And this is the most common factor most companies overlook when selecting an outsourcing company. It is advisable never to put your money on an outsourcing partner who knows limited technologies. Even if the outsourcing partner is the best in their knowledge of the limited technologies, it is best not to hire the outsourcing partner. You can expect better result and quality projects from the outsourcing partners who have extensive knowledge about different technologies.

Defining your goals and work scope

Once you reach out to the potential outsourcing partners, make a note of the scope of work in a document. What are the goals of the company, what are the strategies of the company what are the best solutions possible for the complexities and their desirable outcomes, these are the deciding factors to make a note off? And as the company head or the owner, it is your responsibility to decide on the factors. Answer the two following simple questions to begin with if you find writing the scope of work too technical.

  • What is it that you are exactly looking for? Be precise.
  • What is the best possible and viable solution for the same?

As soon as you answer these two simple questions, you will have a clear idea of the problems you are looking for a solution, preparing an organized structured plan in solving the same while identifying with the overall goals of the company. It is, however, unfair to expect from an outsourcing partner to understand the needs, wants and goals of your company better than you do, because no one can know your company better than you do. Hence it is crucial to lay out every factor, terms need specifically for a successful partnership with the offshore partner.

Consider the market reputation, as it is equally important

Compromising on quality is never an option for any business. However, it is impossible to work with an outsourcing partner who is not polite to work with or continues missing regular deadlines. Before finalizing and signing off the agreement, you must check the market reputation the outsourcing company has in the market. Even though it is challenging to know about the exact reputation the outsourcing partner has in the world of internet, there are platforms where you can find reviews of their previous clients.

Protection of your data and intellectual property

With the advancing world of the internet, the two biggest concern of any company is privacy and data security for every business. But when outsourcing projects for your company, you are often in a position where you may find yourself sharing sensitive information about your company with the offshore partner.

Before sharing any sensitive business information, it is essential to sign a nondisclosure agreement with the outsourcing partner. It is crucial to sign a nondisclosure agreement because, if the sensitive business information of the company is not properly handled, there may be security breaches which could lead to an unbearable loss for your company. The data can fall in the hands of the rivalry company and may misuse the same also.

Besides the nondisclosure agreement, you must ensure that the outsourcing partner that you are hiring have regular security checks and audits for any breach in their systems. You must ensure that there is no chance of any security breaches in the outsourcing companies by enquiring about the tools and technologies they use, for the same.


When building a business, every company aims to be the best in the market and they have two options to do so. It is either by outsourcing their project or by hiring an in-house team. Even though many find it challenging to outsource, it is what gives a company their competitive edge over the other who do not. Outsourcing is the key to boosting the growth and development of any business. And the most popular global companies rely on outsourcing their business. But the question arises here is that are your ready to outsource your business. And if you find yourself answering the question with a positive answer, then consider the above factors when selecting the right outsourcing partner for your company.

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