Choose Dedicated Team Model to Build Next Gen Product (CTO Guide)

January 02, 2023
Choose Dedicated Team Model to Build Next Gen Product (CTO Guide)

While some outsource entire teams, others rely on dedicated development team. Zapier, Slack, or GitLab are just a few examples of successful businesses that take use of distributed development and have teams located all over the world. They view it as a clever method of hiring intelligent individuals wherever they may be.

Do famous people intimidate you? They shouldn't since everyone can benefit from a committed product team; you don't have to be a well-known Silicon Valley firm. Enough if you are aware of the ideal moment.

Continue reading to learn the answers to the following queries:

  • Which forms of cooperation are most prevalent when developing software?
  • When would be the ideal time to assemble a specialised dedicated development team?
  • When working with a committed team, what can you anticipate from a software house?

Introduction: Model for a Committed Development Team

An agreement between a client and a software vendor for a dedicated team engagement model is typically used in the software development industry for remote cooperation. To be more explicit, the service provider offers its client long-term access to software development professionals.

Based on their qualifications and experience, these specialists are selected to meet the demands and requirements of the customer. The client has the option to manage the team themselves or even designate the project manager of the service provider to oversee the communication process.

A dedicated team approach gives superior Scalability in addition to flexibility. If a project calls for it, clients can employ or fire specialists from their remote team.

Every team member will also be fully dedicated to the hiring company's assigned project throughout the partnership, to which they can report immediately for updates on the project's status and progress.

Therefore, product owners should have a clear idea of their budget and desired outcomes before choosing an dedicated team engagement model. Businesses can participate in thriving partnerships and significant growth if leaders outline the requirements and evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of each engagement model.

The first step after deciding to work with a company that offers software development services is to pick an engagement model that works for your business. The choice of an appropriate model is crucial since it affects how well your professional connection and collaboration turn out.

There are generally 3 categories of engagement models:

  • Fixed-price model
  • Time and material
  • Dedicated Team Model

You must have a thorough understanding of the other two engagement models when it comes to deciding which one of the dedicated team engagement model that best fits the business goals and requirements.

Fixed-Price Engagement Model

The model is fixed, as the name would imply. The fixed model calls for having a distinct understanding of the project's requirements, deadlines, and goals. Everything has been thoroughly analysed and calculated beforehand to ensure that there are no unexpected or incorrect modifications made while a vendor and a hiring firm are working together.

When contrasting the fixed-price model with the dedicated development approach, the latter demands an agreed-upon definite price that cannot be increased. The hiring organisation benefits greatly from this since it prevents any unanticipated costs.

Additionally, since everything is planned and scheduled from the beginning, contracting parties don't need to closely monitor the project's development. However, if you want to make changes, you must negotiate and include them in a written agreement that both parties must sign. The length of this procedure can have a direct impact on project duration. Any incorrect instructions may ultimately have a detrimental effect on the success of the project, which will impact both clients and developers.

Time and Material Engagement Model

This engagement model is rather simple. Customers pay for the hours that hired experts are committed towards the project. The duration and intricacy of this can change. However, adjustments and tweaks can be made at any time. Furthermore, because adjustments are made as the project is being completed, the deadline is delayed and not reached. The level of client interaction increases.

Dedicated Team Model: How It Operates

Finalizing the team is the next stage after choosing your vendor successfully. The dedicated development team concept operates in this manner.

1. Compile Your Essentials

It begins by taking the criteria into account. The project idea, job description, team size, and anticipated workflow are among them. These are used to find qualified and competent specialists for your project.

2. Organizing the Team

If the merchant has tech experts available, you recruit them right away. If they don't already have the necessary specialists on staff, they begin the hiring process, which typically lasts for a month. Nevertheless, vendors have access to the talent pool of the partners, so if you need a tech specialist right away, you can acquire one in a week.

3. Talent Assessment

Here, HR examines the history, language and interaction abilities, soft skills, and technical skills to choose those which best fit for their project.

4. The Group

Without any fuss or extra work on your part, the businesses will seamlessly incorporate the best Dedicated Development team in your proejcts. You are free to choose you management techniques and tools you aim to utilise, though.

When Should You Choose The Dedicated Team Model?

The dedicated team model is suitable for complicated, project development and implementation that could expand further in the ahead. Remember that having a dedicated team of developers is useful when your proposal requires a research stage and lacks issue has been identified. Let's look at the situations where picking a dedicated team makes sense.

1. A startup in its infancy

Baby startups may typically anticipate growth. The best course of action in this situation is to assemble a committed team from the outset. With this strategy, you can hire more rapidly, create the product more quickly, and spend less money on the recruitment process.

2. Tasks With Vague Requirements

When your proposal doesn’t have a marketable product and needs a discovery period, choosing a dedicated team will be fantastic. It may take several months to conduct interviews and exams to settle with the discovery stage because it forms the basis for the complete development mechanism of your project.

3. Long-term Initiatives

Here, HR examines the history, language and interaction abilities, soft skills, and technical skills to choose those which best fit for their project.

4. Your project lacks the resources it needs.

If you have a limited number of engineers on staff and are thinking about the priority and timeline of the project, you may decide to extend your dedicated teams for software outsourcing to a remotely outsource company that develops software. Here, the outsourcing provider offers your unique committed team for the advancement of your project.


In conclusion, both you and we are aware that all you need to do to fulfil your project's objectives is to locate the necessary software development firm, from which you can engage specialised developers to work. The best specialised outsourced dedicated team engagement model will help you reach your objectives affordably and quickly.

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