Top 7 Reasons for White Label Outsourcing in India

Top 7 Reasons for White Label Outsourcing in India

White label marketing services are essentially fulfillment services where the work for one vendor (agency A) clients is done by another vendor (agency B).

In this case, Agency B, which actuals provides the services, does not get the credit for it. Instead, Agency A takes the credit for those services and resells them to their clients under their own brand name.

01) Company Can Scale their Services collection

The first and foremost benefit of using white label marketing services is to broaden your offerings. You don’t need to specialize in each and every service that you offer. And you can provide a much broad range of services by outsourcing them to a white label service provider.

What’s more? You can sell those services with your branding and can take full credit for them.

This strategy can help you pitch a number of services to your clients, without worrying about whether your in-house team is capable of delivering those services.

02) Company Can Reduce costs

By outsourcing services to a white label marketing services provider, you can avoid maintaining an in-house team of specialists on a full-time basis.

The expenses that you can avoid by hiring a white label services provider include:

  • Salaries and benefits for full-time employees
  • Overhead costs
  • Training costs for training your in-house team on various specialized marketing services

While that may not seem like much, if you take a closer look, you will realize how much you can actually save.

For example, let’s say that you offer content marketing as one of your service offerings. Let’s compare the costs of maintaining an in-house content team versus hiring a white label content marketing service provider.

For an in-house team, you will need one content writer/editor and one content manager/strategist at the very least. According to Glassdoor, the average annual salaries for a content writer and content manager are $50k and $70k, respectively. So the minimum total cost for an in-house team will be $121k annually.

Now let’s assume that a team with one writer can produce a maximum of 20, 1000-word content pieces per month.

If we compare that to the pricing for the same amount of content produced by an end-to-end content services provider like Verblio, it comes to around $64k annually.

That is a huge difference of $57k per year. And if we also account for the fact that the in-house team might not be 100% utilized all year round, then it will be a much bigger difference.

03) Company Can Get Additional Revenue Sources

Each additional service that you offer to your clients can generate an incremental revenue stream for your company. And with a third-party service provider taking care of the service delivery aspect, there is no limit to how many additional services that you can provide.

The key, obviously, is to resell these services at a markup, so that you maintain healthy profit margins.

04) Company Can Improve Client Relationship Management

With a third-party provider taking the responsibility for service delivery, you can focus all of your time and effort on client relationship management.

Additionally, you can act as a one-stop marketing solutions partner for your clients and help them meet all of their marketing needs. Every time your clients come to you with a request, you won’t have to say no to them just because you don’t have the capabilities in-house.

By being able to provide end-to-end marketing services, effectively and consistently, you can foster brand loyalty from your clients.

05) Company can Improve Quality in Services

With white label marketing services, you can have industry experts and specialists running your clients’ marketing campaigns. One company cannot be great at everything. To solve that problem, you can hire specialists well-suited for each type of your clients’ projects.

For instance, let’s assume that you specialize in influencer and social media marketing, but also want to offer SEO services to your clients. But, instead of trying to train your employees to do SEO or hiring SEO experts every time there is a requirement, you outsource it. You hire a white label SEO service provider who has a team of SEO experts, who can deliver high-quality SEO services to your clients.

Since the client does not know about the involvement of a third-party provider, they will assume that you are delivering high-quality services on all fronts.

06) Company can Improve Brand Values & Demands

Using white label marketing services, you can ensure that you deliver on your promises to your clients and build a good reputation in the industry. By being able to provide a broad range of services, you can position yourself to be the go-to agency for all digital marketing services.

07) Company can attract more Clients

All of the factors mentioned above will, ultimately, help you attract more clients. The more service offerings that you have, the more clients you can pitch your services to. If you have an industry reputation for providing high-quality service, it will be easier for you to attract clients.

Also, with someone taking on the responsibilities of service fulfillment, you will have more time to prepare your pitches. You can invest more time and effort into trying to bring in new clients, instead of worrying about day-to-day service fulfillment tasks.

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