Is managed WordPress hosting worth the extra price?

June 10, 2021
Is managed WordPress hosting worth the extra price?

WordPress is one of the most efficient platforms to create websites, eCommerce portals, social media platforms, online forums, and other similar web-hosted services. With the help of WordPress, you can gain access to a plethora of pre-designed templates that will make designing your website simpler. Similarly, WordPress offers a host of images, screenshots, and other visual aids required to make a website. Additionally, WordPress comes with built-in plugins and website management tools, which are necessary to develop a website and maintain it. These features and the regular upgrades offered by the platform make it easier to create a website.

Moreover, WordPress has a robust Content Management System or CMS, which is necessary for building a website. CMS is essential, especially if you do not have adequate technical knowledge in website development. With an in-built CMS, you will find that building a website has become more straightforward, and you can create a professional website with the minimum technical knowledge. Thus, all of these features have made WordPress one of the best open-source platforms to build a website. However, it is sometimes better to opt for the managed WordPress hosting services, and some of the reasons for this are as follows:

1. Exclusive service

When you opt for the managed WordPress hosting services, you will not just receive the platform's essential services but also many additional benefits. For example, WordPress will customize the server requirements to meet your online platform. The software architecture and the plugins that you require will be designed as per your company's website. In other words, you will have a website designed as per your requirements. It is necessary to use the managed WordPress hosting services to optimize the website caching to reduce server lag. This is necessary to ensure that the website loads faster and is also easier to navigate. With the exclusive service offered by WordPress hosting services, you can improve the User Interface or UI. Subsequently, this will make your company's website easier to navigate.

Another point that you must consider is that when a website loads faster, it will be easier for a prospective customer to log into your website. He will not have to wait for your company's website to load. Thus, with WordPress hosting services, you will have better-managed servers, and the server lags will reduce. This will ensure better performance of your company's website, thereby improving the user experience. Improving user experience is essential to ensure that your company's website is accessed by more prospective customers and receives increased web traffic.

2. Better security

Another reason you should consider opting for the WordPress hosting services is the better security offered by this service. WordPress believes in providing better protection to all its users across the ecosystem. It offers upgrades to the free users as well. However, if you opt for the WordPress hosting services, you will gain better security protocols. With WordPress hosting services, you can be assured of better maintenance, and specific security will be built based on the theme and plugins you use in your website. This means particular protocols will be developed based on the type of malicious attacks your website can expect. For example, for eCommerce portals protecting the sensitive information shared by their loyal customers are a priority. Hence proper security protocols should be in place to identify malicious codes and data thieves. With WordPress hosting service's help, you can build specific security protocols that will provide an added layer of protection to the website. Anyone suspects will be immediately flagged off, and the host can change the plugins to protect the website. If necessary, you can even uninstall a plugin if you feel that it is being hacked into. Thus, with enhanced security protocols, you can be assured that your company's website will be well-protected against attacks.

3. Maintenance

You must ensure that your website is updated and properly maintained to ensure that it functions at par. Hence, regular maintenance of the website must be carried out. With WordPress hosting services, you can be assured that regular bug fix reports will be generated. WordPress will also carry out routine maintenance of your company's website. For example, updating the website is not just changing the theme and updating the plugins, but also ensuring that the security patches are incorporated, along with the regular security updates.

Similarly, all bug-fix reports will be sent to you to ensure that any problem with the website can be handled swiftly. When a website is upgraded to the latest version, the bugs of the previous version gets fixed. However, it is crucial to generate bug fix reports to identify the exact problem to address these in the later versions of the upgrade. With the WordPress hosting services bug fix report, you can place the issues faced while managing your WordPress website. The bug fix reports help you make the hosting of your website smoother and easier to manage. This is an exclusive service offered by WordPress only to customers who have opted for the hosted services. Keeping track of the bug fixes is essential if you want to create a website that functions at par and without any issues.

4. Improved speed

The WordPress hosting services offers better speed, which is necessary to improve user experience. The hosting services ensure that the website loads faster and the web pages associated with the website also load quickly. This will ensure that the visitor does not have to wait for the website to load, and he can easily navigate between web pages associated with your website. This can be done only with improved server speed, which is offered by WordPress hosting services. You can be assured that your company's website will load faster in the search engine landing pages if you opt for this service. This is also important to ensure that your company's website receives a higher ranking in the search engine landing pages. Presently, search engines use web crawlers to identify the appropriate websites displayed in the Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs. If your company's website loads faster, then your website's chances will be among the first few to be displayed in the SERPs improve significantly. Thus, with the help of WordPress hosting services, you can be assured of increased server speed, which will subsequently result in improving the loading speed of your company's website. This is necessary to improve user experience and to attract more web traffic to your company's website. Finally, an improved user experience is required to create a loyal customer base. Your company's website is, after all, a marketing tool which must be used to the maximum. Hence, with improved speed, you can be assured that you can attract more visitors to the website and increase your customer base.

5. Better backups

With the help of WordPress hosting services, you can get regular updates about the changes that have been made to your website. Additionally, automatic updates will be incorporated into your website to ensure that your website functions at par. But it would be best if you kept updates of all changes you have made to the website. WordPress hosting services will ensure that automatic and manual backup of all changes is retained in the system. For example, if you have made any change in your website's content or have added new content to your website, you will need proper backups. With modified content, you will need a backup of the original content, which should also be a part of the structured data associated with your website.

Additionally, any change that you bring to the architecture of your website should also be backed up. Without proper backups, you will not be able to identify any changes you make in the future. It will make it confusing for you to trace the changes that you chronologically make to your website. Thus, it would help if you had the facility for maintaining both automatic and manual backup. With the help of WordPress hosting services, you can do so with ease. You can also keep backups of all the changes to the backlinks that you have made. All of these together make it easier for you to maintain your website.

WordPress hosting services are exclusive and are offered to clients who what to improve their online presence. With this complete service, you can be assured that your company's website, eCommerce portal, online forum, or social media platform is unique and performs better than your competitors. Moreover, with the exclusive service, you can be assured of better security protocols, which is necessary, especially if you have customers who share sensitive information on your website. With the help of WordPress hosting services, you will not only be assured that you are receiving excellent security for your company's website, but you will also not have to worry about its upgrade or maintenance. All of these will be taken care of by the platform. Thus, WordPress hosting services are ideal if you are looking for exclusive service and better security for your website.

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