Webenix provides whitelable outsourcing services to Companies, Web Agencies & Individuals

How Webenix Technologies provides whitelable outsourcing services to Companies, Web Agencies & Individuals

Webenix Believe, White label outsourcing services are essentially fulfillment services where the work for one Company (vendor A) clients is done by another Company (vendor B). In this case, Agency B, which actuals provides the services, does not get the credit for it. Instead, Agency A takes the credit for those services and resells them to their clients under their own brand name.

How we offer Partnership in return?

We are offering white label outsourcing services to web agency owners/individuals to hire part time/full time PHP developers, .net developers, web designers, mobile app developers, and SEO experts from India as their team member with full management control at very attractive prices.

What we serve you in Partnership?

We provide dedicated resource full time/part time as per your need and we can be also you extended dedicated development team to provide complete development support for your clients. We are well aware of the value of timeline and quality and maintain the same level as your in-house production team.

Web Design

Our Philosophy for design is to inspire the future. We love the process of innovative ideas and turning them into reality. We create designs which are visually appealing at the same time do not lose the focus on functionality of the design. At the end of the day designs just don’t need to look good but also they need to work as well.

Web Development

Count on webenix exceptionally talented team of Web Developers to create process automation, Branding, ecommerce Development or just about anything that you can think on Web. We become the team you can rely on every single step while we create your custom web solutions to meet your needs.

Mobile App Development

We believe in Mobile first. We create rich experience for small screens, that turn into the success for your business, ease of operations and engaging consumers with deep understanding of user experience for mobile technology. We work with multiple platforms to create maximum impact on end-users.

Digital Marketing

Any Business Website needs a Marketing and Promotional Push. Webenix is at your disposal for quality Digital Marketing Services. We provide efficient website marketing strategies to enhance site visibility and gaining more web traffic.

Security and Protection

In the world of Hacking the Hacker are waiting to exploit your website with their most dangerous hacking tools. Its comes when there is loop holes or we can say it as “bugs” in your website which are ignored while your website was developed. We are providing security services which will secure your website and never interrupt your most valuable work.

Support and Maintenance

This is our Main strength. We provide excellent services and support during the project and even after completion of the project. Any email is responded within 24 hours of time. For the normal solution we normally get them done within 1 day of time. We use various tools to get in touch like email/skype/phone/PMS. Most of the clients get our WhatsApp number for emergency use.

Our Different Business Models

01) Dedicated Resource

This model works best for the web agencies who would like to hire entire team for the outsourcing. By doing this client can save up to 70% of their time/cost and focus on getting more clients.

02) Hourly Based

This model works best for the ongoing maintenance tasks and monthly update projects. The billing will be transparent and daily based report will be sent for the hours spent.

03) Fixed Cost

This model works best when there is a well-documented fixed cost projects. It also works best with the tight budget projects. You can determine the costing before starting any project.

Our Project Execution Process?

Execution Process

01) Selection

The first phase is we learn about Client’s requirements and find the best suited dedicated team member. Let me give you an example, if you need a Web Designer then we will allocate the Designer which have a higher experience & expertize in our team.

02) Non – Discloser Agreement

This is the second phase where we understand and value the Confidentiality of Client’s details and Project details. We are very strict about the discloser agreement because we are very aware about the privacy and what to disclose and what not to.

03) Getting Started

We are in the phase where payment process takes place or you can also say the first milestone comes in the actions.

04) Interaction

This is the fourth phase in real time Interaction of Client and team member starts about the Project. We also offer the live video call for the team interaction with the client so team can get the proper idea of requirements.

05) Reporting

This is the last phase where we provide Daily, Weekly and monthly update to Client with work status.

Feel free to share your thoughts/experience about outsourcing with us. Looking to get the project done with remote team? get in touch : [email protected]